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Posted by A.M.

So sorry for making you, Jeff, feel bad and breaking your heart.

Posted by Lizy

I am sorry for the trouble I caused you. I am sorry for not believing you, and for creating drama.

I understand it was a fling. I understand that my place is not with you. I understand that you may enjoy company from time to time, but that I must live my life as if nothing exists in the between times. I don't understand all that you do, it is not my place to understand.

This frustrates me, but I am not mad at you for the way you live your life. I am not mad at you because your brother made a pass at me. It wasn't your fault, and I do not blame you.

I was pissed, but not at you. I'm sorry. It won't happen again. I will forever behave myself, I won't obsess, I won't stalk.

I wish I had more from you, because you are wonderful when you are with me. I know I cannot have you, I know I cannot fulfill that need with you. I do enjoy our moments in time together, you make me feel amazing. I wish I could make it more exciting for you, so that you would need me more.

Again, it's not my place. You choose for you what is best. I am sorry I was such a pain to deal with, I misunderstood what you wanted from me in the very beginning and I'm sorry about that. I am sorry. I promise the crazy is over for good. I hope we can remain friends. I'm sorry,truly.

Posted by Lynn

I'm sorry for hurting you J. I'm sorry for all the pain I caused. It was all my fault, I see that now. I'm so very sorry for hurting you and will regret it until the day I die.

Posted by Josh from San Diego

In the beginning I thought it could never end. Then somewhere in the middle I got lost and self sabotage kicked in. By the end we both tried holding on to what use to be and could have been rather than realizing what it had become.

I thought we were meant to be forever and now with time I realize part of that was true. Maybe we were not meant to be forever but we were meant to be.

We came into each other's lives and made the other one grow. You saved my life and I'm truly grateful. I hope you at least see I helped you too.

I helped you find the things you didn't want and helped you find your voice in what you really wanted. Im sorry I couldn't be the man I am now. But I know we would have split eventually.

I just hope you see that we both have grown because of the other one and for that I will always have a special place for you in my heart. Not as a missed love but as a true angel who helped me find my way. We both have families now and I like to think it's because of what we learned about ourselves from our time together.

Sorry for the pain I ever caused you. I will never be able to ever tell you these things but I pray this will bring me a little but of closure after 6 years. Sorry A C and thank you for the life you gave me.

Posted by Jean Z.

I'm deeply sorry for being a complete a**hole during my school years and the 10 following. This is what worked for me to protect myself from being bullied in school, but it ended up becoming part of me, and now I am what I used to hate so much.

It wasn't easy to see this by myself but eventually I realized how wrong I've been and now I decided to change for the better.

I'm sorry for calling so many people mean names, for making their suffering my source of laughs, for sleeping with one of my friends crush, even when she wasn't his gf. No one deserved those awful things I did to them, I'm deeply sorry and I regret the horrible behavior that defined me for so long.

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