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Posted by Lady

Bheibhie, I'm so sorry. I felt that you've been hurt with what I did last night and I never intended to do that! Please forgive me...Lady

Posted by D.

I am sorry I made you feel rejected. I wasn't trying for that. I am sorry I seemed like I didn't care when I really did. I am very sorry. I love you.

I haven't been able to sleep cuz of all the pain I have caused myself by being such a bad boyfriend. I am sorry I didn't try harder.I am so so sorry.

Posted by Jaelyn

I am so sorry and regret what I said to you everyday of my life. I would do anything to rebuild this friendship.

Posted by Big Foot, Bigger Mouth

CSM...I'm so sorry I called you a loser. You know you are anything but that.

Please know I respect and admire your intelligence, wit and humor above all things. I sometimes get rowdy and say things that are inappropriate and this is one of those times.

I am really sorry and I know that my intentions gets about 0 feet because the effect was that it upset you.

Can you find it in your beautiful heart to forgive me? I will find some creative, fun way to make up for my mistake. You are not a know I care about you. If you don't know that, then know it now. I care about you a great deal.

I will endeavor to control my big rowdy mouth in the future. You are beautiful, talented, smart, and I need you right where you are!


Words are beautiful
Words are powerful
By the Words of God
You were created
And it was beautiful in His eyes

Every beautiful part
From your exquisite smile
To your sensual, beautiful eyes
By His Words he created your laughter
Every talent, every gift you possess.

Words can be ugly
Words can be painful
By the words of man
I created hurt
All the beautiful parts
Became sad, and the shine was gone
The doors to your exquisite smile closed
The gateway to your laughter was barred.

Can my simple heartfelt words of regret and remorse open the door? And release the smile and laughter that can change hearts?

That brings life to a dark room that is currently my own very heart? Will you captivate my heart with your smile again?

I pray and hope they do, because as you know, without your smile, without your laughter, without you...I have no other desire to be here.

Posted by Michael

Amita, I'm sorry for the mix up with the tickets. When Balraj asked me about them, I was not home to confirm the seating. The row I was thinking of is for the show on Saturday. I love your cookies very much. So please don't poison them.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry I wasn't able to help you early on. I am sorry I made you live as you have been for most of your life. I'm sorry for all the pain and tears you shed. I'm sorry I allowed you to turn a fear into a phobia.

In my heart I know that it wasn't my fault. I didn't know how to reach out, to ask for help. I still don't to this day.

I'm intelligent and smart and my head knows that this was originally quite a small problem but as time and the years went by, it blew up into something I could no longer control. Shame and embarassment led me to keep the secret that ultimately destroyed everything. I think I can forgive myself, knowing that if I was able to do better I would have but that somehow doesn't help because I'm still stuck in this nightmare. God bless me.

Some Apology Guidance Posted by Mike

Never say "I want to apologize for..." or "I would like to apologize for..." You are stating that sometime in the future you are going to apologize. Say "I apologize for..."

Saying "I'm sorry" and "I apologize" are not the same thing. "I'm sorry" states an emotion. "I apologize" is an apology. A fine distinction but a good one.

Posted by Louise

For my man...

I've hurt you, I've lost your trust and I've lost your respect. I understand what I done wrong and for this I will always be sorry that I have hurt you, the person I love the most.

I realise now that my flirting was way out of line and unacceptable. It may be hard to believe at this moment but I would never and have never cheated on you, but I see now how much pain me playing games that night hurt, especially with you being away, and in front of people that respect you.

I feel so comfortable around you, and I think that because we are so alike in that we both flirt (and accept it). I failed to pay attention to just how far I was taking it and what would cross the line.

I was angry at *name disclosed* for everything he was saying that night that I was too good for you. I knew he found me attractive and I think along with the alcohol I played on that to get attention and to also hurt him because I knew I would never have gone through with anything I said.

I can see now that as I failed to communicate with you about what happened that it came out through other people who viewed the situation from a distance, and saw something different.

I never intended to hurt you babe and I deeply regret my actions. I will seriously rein in my flirting and make sure I pay more attention to the situation and have better judgement in regards to your feelings, because I never want to cause you pain. I hope you can forgive me. I love you. Lou XX

Posted by Anonymous

Dear E,

please forgive me for being your husband's mistress for such a long time. I hope you never knew and you were never hurt by it. But if you were, I'm doubly sorry. I never meant to take his love from you. You are a wonderful woman. Please forgive me, as I cannot forgive myself."

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