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Posted by Nadiah

Dearest Redzuan,

No words could ever express the regret that I'm feeling now.. I've become an overly sensitive little lady; not caring for your feelings but to only care for my own.

I feel ashamed for letting you down on our anniversary and it was unforgivable of me. I was truly upset for no particular reason and I just felt jealousy was enveloping me. Believe me, it wasn't intentional.

With these, please accept my deepest apology and always know that my heart is always with you; loving, cherishing and treasuring you now and the next years to come.

Happy 3rd month anniversary! I had a blast in the afternoon. I love you.. Just you. Much love, Nadiah

Posted by Salem

I'm sorry mom that I haven't shown you the proper care that I should do! Thanks for everything and happy mother's day..

Posted by Lashan

I apologize for not being true to the woman that you sought. I know I've been pretty rough on you but I want you to know that I do understand how hard it is for you. It's not easy dealing with me sometimes. Things are not going my way and I feel frustrated.

I apologize for complaining, for taking you for granted, for not consulting you with things that affect both of our lives. All of the unnecessary arguments that I've created that have put even more distance between us I apologize for. I am really sorry Greg, but I realize now that I have transferred a lot of my disappointments and frustrations on you.

Please forgive me.

Posted by Ed V.


Saturday night, May 3rd, was supposed to be a celebration for a small success after several months of struggle in my business. It was not supposed to be what you witnessed.

Needless to say, I had too much alcohol. Not just drunk, I was seriously intoxicated beyond remembering. I was told by my friends there, that I ignored, that they begged me to leave that party and go back to my room due to my condition. I apparently ignored their good advice.

Of what I do remember, saying the things I said acting as I did, I am MORTIFIED. And TRULY sorry to you and Aaron. I am embarrassed and humiliated for myself and for my wife, Laure.

I was arrogant and OUT OF LINE. I am ashamed that I do not recall some things Aaron said I did and said. I want to let you and Aaron know I am never going to be in that position again, simply because my family is depending on me to get rehabilitated.

I am asking for your forgiveness.

Posted by Chrystal

In the early hours of Saturday morning, I accidentally scratched a vehicle in the Presleys Nite Club parking lot due to DUI. I hereby would like to render my sincerest apology to the owner.

I don't know what the vehicle looks like, what the severity of the damages are or who the owner of the vehicle is, because in my cowardice I fled the scene in an attempt to cover up my mistake.

Confessing publicly to this crime is not an easy quick fix solution, as it cannot undo what has been done, however due to the fact that I may never know who you are, I consider this apology necessary and is the least I could do in this case. I am sorry and humbly ask that you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

Posted by Jessica J.

I'm sooo sorry Brittany.. I should have never fell for Chris. I broke our connection. I love you!!

Posted by Wolf've become my best mate and sorry about not looking after you like a bro. Always will be my little bro man, except right now I'm lost and need to follow what's happening to me. Always will be there to help you out bro.

Posted by Syntia

I'm sorry for being an idiot and not being able to give you the space and time you needed. I was only thinking of me when I wanted you to respond to the message without thinking that you might have had the same situation I experienced with the message I received from you.

Posted by Richard V.

I was calling last night not to make you mad or upset. Tyler's mom sent your boy friend to my place to pick up Tyler last night and I was pissed. No call to ask if that was ok... nothing. So needless to say I was very upset since I have had an issue with him in the past. I thought that was completely disrespectful and Tyler was really upset. I could not get a hold of her so I started texting. I did not let Tyler go and had her pick him up this morning. I can understand that with me calling and texting you how this could upset you but I just wanted to calm down and I knew you could help me with that.

You understand how passionate I am about my kids and if you were put in this situation you probably would have reacted the same way and most likely would have called me and I would have been there for you, at least to listen. I take full responsibility with this situation but I needed my best friend and I panicked.

I'm really sorry that this happened and that this upset you. You're the last person I wanted to upset. I wish you would have answered or called me back so I could have calmed down and I'm sorry. I don't know any other way to say I'm sorry and ask for forgiveness other than writing to you. I felt so close and connected to you through all the great conversations and time we spent together. I just needed you last night to listen to my frustration. I ask for your forgiveness and hope we could talk. I'm Sorry..... Rich

Posted by Dalal B.

I just would like to say I am really sorry and I will never do anything like that to anyone as long as I live and I hope you forgive me and give me another chance after making the best apology I can think of. Thank you for your time.

Posted by Steve


I'm sorry for the way I made you feel, and the way I let you down. I really wish I could take back some of the things I've done. We had some really great times and things looked real bright for us until I became a jerk. What's worse is knowing you're the one for me and knowing I made you cry. I never wanted to make you cry.

I know if I could do anything to get you back I sure as hell would. I'm sorry for all the calls lately and constant messages. I'd spend the rest of my life saying I'm sorry if I knew it would help but what really matters is the fact that I hurt your heart and your trust for me. You'll always mean the world to me Traci and I'll always be here for you. I'm sorry baby I will always love you and hope you find that person you deserve.

Posted by Kim

To my special friend Kathrina T. I'm sorry that I've hurt you with my aloof and immature joke. I believe I should not really play with your emotions, it's hard for me to live in a situation like this because you know very well that I lOVE YOU... and it really hurts that I caused the pain you feel right now. I'm sorry. Kim T.

Posted by Anthony

I apologize for being disrespectful. I hope I haven't ruined that father and son relationship we have. Even thought sometimes we may fuss and fight I know we can both forgive and forget. So I'm sorry. I hope you forgive me.

Posted by Mell

To my really close friend Matt,

I just want to apologize for everything I did to hurt you so much. I want to say sorry for being such a jerk and breaking your heart. I know how much you liked me... but I don't want to ruin our friendship.

The friendship we have is a really strong bond, and I really don't want to break that bond between us. Friendship is stronger than love, and that's why I want to stay friends with you forever. I know how much you ---- me right now, and I can't forgive myself for what I did to you. Can we please just be friends again and stay that way. You're not like any of the other guys I've met, I love how you always make me laugh and I love how you smile at me. Our friendship means a lot to me.

Please forgive me a remember that I will always love you. Mell

Posted by Josefa

I just want to say that I am very sorry for what I did Jessica. I should have never treated you like that. Yes, I am bisexual... but that shouldn't interfere with our relationship as friends. I want you back. We made some bad decisions.

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