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Posted by Maureen

Pogro, I may not be able to say this to you. I wont get a chance to say this to you because I know that you're furious and frantic at me. I don't know why you're frantic when we both know exactly that you have someone who already made changes to your life.

I told you before that this won't matter. It just torments me with all this drama and confusion when you know you can be straightforward in telling me the truth. I was lost in so many ways.

Trying to find answers to my questions with you, starting to feel cold and out of reach. It's getting difficult for me to reach you and every daily moment of my life is a struggle to understand what's wrong because you're so far from me.

What's done is done. I want to say sorry if I ever did hurt you in choosing to find a scapegoat for my vices. I'm sorry about all the things that made you feel you had to let me leave your house with the walk of shame. With all these woes I often ask myself if being cast by your stone first is worth it, to see me drowning and falling, on the verge of losing hope.

I'm sorry I am who I am and I wish you had loved me more, not only when we have nothing left but also while all these good things are happening to you. I just can't control whatever it is.

I'm sorry that I am not what you have dreamed to be with for the rest of your life because my past is as dark as my soul. I wish you a good life with our daughter and whenever you come across talking about me remember that though I have demons inside I was there before, on the edge making ends meet for you and our family. I'm sorry and Goodbye.

Posted by Henderson NV

To Michelle H.

How can I say I'm sorry when I know words are not enough. And how can I ask you to forgive me when I can't forgive myself. Best of luck, You are an amazing person.

Posted by Toni Marie

I'm sorry for not being gentle. My world should have been my daughter. I will always be gentle now... The fight is over..... She is my world.. I live for her x

Posted by Nu

Jess, Where do I begin?

I guess with I am so sorry for what I did I truly am. I went about things the wrong way trying to find out the truth. I don't know what came over me for me to do those things. I can never forgive myself for it, but I hope one day you can forgive me.

Seeing you today at the shops tonight just brought all the feelings of hurt and betrayal that I thought I had gotten over with. I just wished you'd been honest with me instead of toying with my emotions for months. I guess it is better off seeing you now instead of at the court case. That way I can get rid of this anger that I didn't know I still had.

You didn't have to lie to get your way though. I could never hurt a fly. I am writing this here because you don't want anything to do with me and I don't want you to have my new number. Forgive me so I can forgive myself please. I am sorry...

Posted by Michael

I would like to apologise for or if I have offended anyone. I haven't been myself for sometime now and I'm going to start working on my ways.

I have to try to find my old ways again. I have lost hope and if god is willing I'll get it back. My broken spirit has had me doubtful but maybe with faith and prayer I will find it. God bless you all.

Posted by Sarah

Oh Rachel I've been so dumb. You're my best ever friend ever and I never wanted to hurt you. I hate all this arguing. Please take my apology and put it in your heart.

Posted by Chavis "King" Cox

Marche, I apologize for everything that has happened wrong with us and seemed to not feel right. Some things will take time to change, because they are beyond our control.

I vowed to be your rock sword and shield, but you gotta know it's hard being that! I love you so much and I hate being on negative space with you, unless one of us is positive we're making balance. Forgive boo, I love you to the ocean and beyond the Moon, U-N-I Verse all forever.

Posted by 'Me'

CJK,I am truly sorry for letting you and everyone else down. You have been such a good friend, and I wanted to be there for you. When everything finally made sense, I was hit by a wall of grief, and I blamed everyone—except myself.

My family and friends have been a Godsend, and I took them for granted. I know what was done, and I forgive it. I even understand it. Someday, I hope to forgive myself for my own mistakes. My family needs me now, even if I can't be there in person.

Please have a lovely Christmas and a safe New Year's.


Posted by Moumita

My sincere apologies to the stranger/photographer. I am very sorry sir that today on Ramkrishna Ghat, Howrah at 5:00 pm one of your shoots was damaged due to my foolishness.

I am extremely sorry that you asked me to leave and instead of that I approached your setup and spoiled the moment you wanted to shoot. And in my ultimate foolish behavior I didn't say sorry to you. Please forgive me.

May god bless you with a successful photography career ahead.

Posted by Morgan

I am so so so sorry. I love you so much. I'm sorry for being really horrible to you, I'm sorry for never doing anything for you. I'm sorry for taking everything out on you all the time.

I can see how it's affecting you and I feel so bad, I am literally ruining you. I really don't want to leave you but I think it's the only way you'll be happy. I have become so abusive. I need to sort myself out because I hate what I have become and I don't want you to start hating me for it.

I love you. You don't have to forgive me.

Posted by YLG

Breend, Sorry for the way things turned out between us. I never wanted them to end up that way.

I was lost and it seemed everything between us was focused on your wants and needs. I had to leave to find myself before I was lost forever. I know the timing was bad, I know I promised to be with you forever, I know I broke that promise. I know K will struggle with this forever. Please forgive me.

Posted by Rahul

I am very very sorry for disappointing you and letting you down. Please give me another chance to make up for it. You said you deserve better than me and I agree, you do.

Please let me be that someone better for you, let me be my past self and even better whom you fell in love with. I will not let you down ever again. Please accept my apology.

Posted by 'Your SM'

To my beautiful Steff, All I ever really wanted to do is love your from here to eternity. I always wanted to know that I would and wanted be there for you as a rock, confidante, and best friend.

Once we locked in a loving embrace, I never wanted to leave your arms. I never meant for things to turn out the way that they did. We believed the evil one's lies which ultimately caused our demise.

Posted by Anonymous

If you ever come back....I'm sorry it had to end like it did, I had a lot of pent up pain from the past and present that I kept inside for way too long, and when it came time for us to go our separate ways I just let it all out.

I never should have kept calling you I should have just let it go and maybe you would have came back. It turned into a contest of who could hurt who the most. I'm sorry and I regret everything. I would do a lot to just be able to talk to you and be in your life at some level. You made me genuinely happy and now that your gone its been nothing but pain. I've always loved you and wish you the best.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm sorry. I have no idea what I did to make this happen, I should have just shut up when I needed to speak my mind.

I should have told you that you were my whole world. You meant everything to me. What I wouldn't give to go back to the day we met. Literally the greatest day of my life.

I wish you could give me the time to tell you all of this. Not having you has destroyed me. And I'm left here to pick up the pieces. Whatever I did I'm sorry sweetheart. I love you and hopefully I will see you again. If not I understand.

Posted by Toni

Sorry for being an insecure stupid jealous and selfish b*tch. I promise to now be beautiful inside xox

Posted by Steve

I want to personally and formally apologize to my counselor for a miscommunication right after church on Sunday. It was my fault and I am truly sorry for it.

Posted by Zeans

I'm sorry Sarah. I truly am. I'm sorry I told people to hate you and be mean to you, I hope you can forgive me.

Posted by Melissa C. (Pittsburg, KS)

To my Daughter,

I wanna take the time to say I'm sorry that I've hurt you. I never meant for any of this to happen.

I miss you so much. I know you are mad at me probably even hate me by now. I'm sorry I wasn't the mother I should have been. I'm sorry I can't take back what I've done only wish I could but I can't and for that I'm sorry. Please know I love you and miss you everyday and I'm sorry I was not the perfect mom.

Posted by Leyla

I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have escalated that issue and you know that it wasn't even an issue to begin with. I'm scared of being disrespected that the slightest thing makes me jump with anger and defensiveness. I don't mean it. I wish we could be better. I wish you could see my side instead of yours however my pride will not stop this apology.

Posted by David W.

Dawnie... I'm so sorry for lying to you. The last person I would want to hurt is you. I was totally wrong and I will spend as long as it takes to make it up to you!

I love you Dawnie

Posted by Zab

To my beautiful wife, I am so sorry for the biggest hurt I've caused you. I love you and no one else and would not do anything else to hurt you. I know I have said this in the past about changing but I panicked and lied to your face, knowing you knew.

I am an idiot for doing this. I don't want to leave you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. I would never cheat on you and I know the trust has been shattered but I would like to build that trust up because I can not see myself with anyone else but you, and don't want to be with anyone else but you.

Posted by Carlos S.

João... Venom por este meio, apresentar o meu sincero pedido de desculpa por me ter precipitado e achado que serias tu a tartaruga que falta para jogarmos o próximo turno!

Grande Abraço

Posted by 'T'

I'm sorry I couldn't love you. Sorry.

Posted by Dillon

I'm sorry Ryan. I didn't realize I missed the queue and now our stepone league is ruined. I cannot imagine how bad I hurt you and I want you to know I love you. I am a failure. Queues are hard. -love Diller

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