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Posted by Lance Pavlovic

Dear Mum,

I wasn't going to write anything but I've had a few cans.
Of that favorite drink I had forever when we danced.
I never wanted to write this out because of what's in me.
I don't know if I feel more anger or more love, we'll see.
Because Mum it's unfair and I'm hurting so much.
You were taken too soon, but I will try and be tough.
I know that's what you'd want from me and I will make you proud.
You taught me to Love and Laugh and Live and that it's all allowed.

I still talk with you when night time comes, I look up in the sky.
I believe it's only "see you later" and never a "goodbye".
I will end this now with a poem I wrote in hard times long ago.
I believe this is your voice to all, for everyone to know.
You never heard me read this out but inspire it you did.
Are you ready Mum because here we go, your hearts voice is in this kid.

As I write this rhyme, I consider space and time.
Am looking carefully to see what we can find.
Enjoy every second that is possible for you.
Don't get carried away and assume you can never pull through.
To justify the bad is part of being human.
You can't be too hard on yourself, its un-healthiness is proven.

Challenges can flood, it's all part of life.
Do what you need to do in order to survive.
Generations will follow what we leave them behind.
If you keep it bottled up it can block the pipeline.
Listen, feel, have fun and be free.
This is enough for now if you just let it be.
For time is finite, you can't get it back.
Make the most of this world, I'll leave it at that.

Rest in peace my dear Mum, you are always, Forever Young

Posted by 5444382

I don't know if you'll ever read this, but if you do, here goes. I'm sorry, I'm sorry for everything. I'm not gonna try and justify myself or explain what I'm sorry about. You probably know. Two years without you has tought me alot, you probably won't even recognise me as the same person but I still have the same kind of heart.

Two years without you and I think I still think about you every single day. My heart breaks at every memory and I still can't belive how things turned out. But I hope my absence somehow makes up for the previous years. Not even half of what I feel can be expressed in words. But I still love you and I always will and I wish that you are happy and always will be. Yours faithfully, 5444382

Posted by Cory

I'm so sorry for the things I said to you, Mary. I was hurt and I took it out on you instead of owning up to what I was feeling and what I had done. Please try and forgive me. You are the best friend and girlfriend I have ever had and if nothing else happens I am grateful for that.

Posted by Mei

Lenny, I am so sorry for being so short, brusque, and mean lately. I will admit that you can be a little bit frustrating to live with, but it's no excuse for me being such a jerk.

Posted by Gelma

I'm sorry. I was high and not thinking. I've realized that I cannot make it without you. I love you. I'm void without you.

Posted by Marco

Turns out I am as bad as everyone has always said. It just took me way longer to figure that out. I always might have known it deep down but never let it come to the surface because I was too scared to face the consequences.

It took a long time but today could be the first day of the rest of my life if I gather the courage to face my insecurities and bad habits.

That starts with apologizing to everyone I have been mean or cruel to that I don't remember or have lost touch with.

I'm sorry I was such a bully and cruel to you. It was never about you, it was always about me and my issues. I'm deeply sorry and want to apologize for any and all hurt I've caused each and everyone of you.

To family members and friends I will be sending you all a personalized apology letters before speaking with you individually.

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