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Posted by Janet

Saul baby I'm sorry for lying and my craziness. Babe I need you in my life. I've been a mess without you. I love you with all my heart, baby please come back. I love you and I'm sorry for the hurt I caused you.

Posted by Tao S.K.

I'm truly sorry. I know you probably hate me right now and I don't blame you. I still have not forgiven myself and I don't think I ever will for acting how I did before all of these things happened.

Everything that I did and said was my fault, I admit it. I was so angry and mad about the mean and hurtful things that you said about me because things got way out of hand and because I sent a message that I now deeply regret sending explaining that I had feelings for you which ended up being a very huge mistake.

That was also no excuse for me to make multiple fake Facebook accounts as well as post on you're Google+ page and go after you're friends etc.

I completely realize and understand that what you are doing is a job and that I shouldn't have overstepped my boundaries along with everything else that I have done and I am sorry that I hurt you.

I feel very terrible that I have done a lot of things that have ended up hurting you and you not wanting to have anything to do with me anymore! I'm going to do my best to make sure that these things don't ever happen again Kaiya, I promise!

I take full responsibility for all of my actions and realize that everything that I did was wrong. What can I do to make it up to you? Can you forgive me?

Posted by Jacey

Jared, I have made our relationship feel more like a task than anything else. I know how hard I have made it for you to love me.

This is not an apology as much as it is an understanding. I understand why you need to be away from me now. I understand how much I've caused you to hurt.

I understand these are all things I cannot take back. I wish so much for us to find happiness in each other but you have decided we cannot. I'm so sorry we are not together when we both need each other the most.

Posted by 'C'

Dear P, I'm so sorry for lying. I'm not trying to justify what I've done by any means. I eff'd up and made a big mistake because deep down I really want you and I didn't think it would hurt me this much.

I honesty didn't expect us to happen and I couldn't stop seeing you. It was never a question of who I wanted to be with, it was clearly you. I think about you everyday and I would do it differently if I could.

My situation is complicated and overdue. Ten years with someone who wouldn't let you go, an injury, an accident. I'm trying to figure things out and I don't have the answers.

I just want to be happy and focus on the person in front of me, you. I broke up with my ex and he knew I was dating other people. He didn't want me to be serious with anyone. We have not been intimate for a year since then and not even while you and I were together. He knew I was seeing someone and didn't care as long as I'm in his life.

He still loves me and wants me to work things out even though I told him my feelings are pure friendship and even after he found out about you.

I didn't mean for this to play out this way and for as long as it did. I know timing is bad for you and I. Apologizing wouldn't change anything, it wouldn't turn back time or erase what I damaged but I hope you understand that I never meant to hurt you.

I'm so sorry. I can only hope in time you will let me make it right, these feelings are going nowhere and I miss you so much :(

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